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314-474-9055 is a scam

just called me to tell me they were from the irs, there were significant claims against me, and I'd be arrested if i didn't call them back.

capital one

since they decided i'm not credit worthy to get a second card from them, i cancelled the one i had from them.

chase, still sucking

"We sent you the enclosed letter dated January 18, 2018, advising that your account was closed because the following information was in your credit bureau reporting file: • Number of accounts currently in use • Number of credit card accounts • Too many requests for credit or reviews of credit "

when you've watched "chopped" way too much

i seriously TEAR into a bag of food, to see what is in there, even though i just packed it, at the grocery store. the "chopped" marathon is killing me :-)

1/2 dog walk

last night. swaddled. at least no weirdos screaming at me from a truck. today,it's been snowing since 2am, straight, we've both been home, dogs have been in/out about 1000 times and the snow is so high that it's hitting the baby's undercarriage!

dog walk

1/2 dog walk. zorn can go all night ,not wake us up to go out, pee 7 times on a 1/2 hour dog walk. weirdo.

mr swifty

i just learned,from the economist, of course, that microsoft has a new slogan "intelligent cloud and intelligent edge". i thought it would have been "we're not dead yet".

face shit

"How to use: Sprinkle a teaspoon into your hands then press the essence gently and evenly onto your face and neck. Your skin will absorb the essence quickly and naturally. Layer with your serum, moisturizer and sunscreen, in that order."

how much time and money is all this ? before serum ? thought that was soap!

full dog walk

had to move the baby along and DAMN it's cold but we did it. woot!

lost in translation

this cracked mark and i up yesterday - a obviously chinese made light. this was on the box:

"it's amazing what lights can do"
"-85% consumo energia"
"tips: Check Connections (their capitalzation) When the lamp Working abnormal Frequent switching will affect the life of the lamp (no periods anywhere)"
"Installation steps 1. Fixed the single bar. Open the packing bag and take out the installing single bar from the base. And then use single bar to align to hole location in which the lamp will be installed. After punching holes, use screw to luck the bar firmly.
2. Connecting the wiring. Fine out the stripped ends of two wires in fixture and connect it well with the terminal plugs which have been set aside before. Good and corresponding insulation treatment should be done in a right way and finally keep the lamp shut.
3. Locking the lamp. Use the screwdriver to fasten the base and the single bar together and then adjust the angle of light source irradiation. Congratulation! Installation Complete!"