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did 4 flights once
and walked the dogs the half dog walk

protest, on land

just stop in the middle of the road, tie protest flag to the bumper, scream "PROTEST" and "STARBOARD" "RULE 18, ROOM at THE STOP SIGN"

wormies RIP

sorry to say the wormies, who i bought according to amazon, in may of 2016, did not make it. well 2 did, so far, that i know of, but the first bin, where i had taken most of them out of months ago, was fully cooked down, so it was just wonderful compost, but i'd stopped feeding that bin, and the other bin, where i'd tossed all the worms to seems to be too wet, thanks to putting both cut grass and used beer mash in there. so, i might need new worms next spring . emptied the one bin fully and i'll just keep feeding the other one, for the rest of the fall, until i need to dig out any worms at all from there. i even kept them alive in their condo in the basement last winter. poor dudes and dudess.

daytime programming will rot your brain

they took 1 hour to do my car. i was forced to listen to daytime tv, some court show, some mike and molly, broke girls. awful!

more puke

someone puked on the bed. no idea if it was doji or giselle. it's probably not summer since she's rarely upstairs when i'm not home. i think it's the food.

rod stewart is today's hero

i just read about the "trach moms", yesterday, in Time magazine. today, i see that Rod Stewart paid for their protest trip to DC. today's hero - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/rod-stewart-funds-disabled-childrens-travels-to-protest-medicaid-cuts_us_5979f93ee4b02a8434b479bd

1/3 dog walk

it's 72 degrees so the dogs were happier to be outside than they have been for weeks

oh poop

after talking to the vet about zubbah not wanting to go for walks, she did today! and since the vet asked for stool samples, i can provide fresh!

on the walk, we saw normal things for july 5, like used fireworks and candy wrappers but we also found a pair of denim shorts on a front lawn. um, that is strange!

certain people bother me

"i have information and know you want it but i won't tell you". repeatedly annoying.