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barbie is hard

"Well, it ain't that Barbie doll
Her hearts have been broken just like you and I" - bowie


funny, we never thought this was a special thing, it just was when we were kids


ups man is a fucker

i'm at the house, chilling,like the doctor said to, in fact, sound asleep on the couch, even though pete is in the backyard, with heavy machinery beeping, and roger was cutting the front lawn, and suddenly, the ups man came. zorn barked so loudly, he scared me off the couch and onto the floor. and now, the baby is afraid of the heavy machinery and is in the shower.

that dude must die

swam only 14

on saturday. nothing on friday. started feeling like a sore throat friday night, saturday, dying with stuff coming out of my lungs, feeling fatigued and not hungry. and my ears are ringing.

1/2 dog walk

kids were great. i'll walk more later on.

for a laugh

my tea pot's manual:

when not in use for long time, please remain dry inside the teapot
do not clean the hot teapot with cold water. never heating without water in the teapot. avoid breaking and crashing violently. no need to clean it for misunderstand it rust.


swam 40

recorded again in the watch. woot

quote from tastytrade

"i don't want people pulling my chicken" TS

(you can't make this stuff up! talking about a restaurant with pulled chicken)
"Please update information for each Authorized User listed above." i got that as a letter, twice, and email, from discover. now the only person on the account is me and they list my name as the only person on the account. I'm pretty certain i don't need to update myself :-)