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for a laugh

my tea pot's manual:

when not in use for long time, please remain dry inside the teapot
do not clean the hot teapot with cold water. never heating without water in the teapot. avoid breaking and crashing violently. no need to clean it for misunderstand it rust.


swam 40

recorded again in the watch. woot

quote from tastytrade

"i don't want people pulling my chicken" TS

(you can't make this stuff up! talking about a restaurant with pulled chicken)
"Please update information for each Authorized User listed above." i got that as a letter, twice, and email, from discover. now the only person on the account is me and they list my name as the only person on the account. I'm pretty certain i don't need to update myself :-)

swim record

10 on saturday. ipod ran out. 40 on sunday. now, i'm tired

wait wait

"Okay, you have vices. But until you read "the book of vice", you can't be sure wether you are going about them in the right away. I once was lost, but thanks to this book I have found myself. I'm just not saying in which chapter" - Roy Blount Jr.

how to be a pen tester

Grasp in right hand
Remove cap with left hand or actuate apparatus button with right thumb
Place pen to paper and drag…

(snort. not quite what i'm studying)

that being said, i realized it's been 10 years since I was in security, at Ford. I kept my CISSP certification so i just logged in to read their monthly magazine and take their test for credits. guess i should go back as far as they have magazines, to refresh what this stuff is.

swam 40

it appears i'm moving this account


guess i'm moving over to dreamwidth, at some point.