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trying to explain weather to a cat

tigger used to run to one door, hang on the door knob, until i let him out, and if there was snow on the ground, run inside and to the other door, in case there wasn't snow there. doji is giving me the stink eye because he keeps running out and there is snow. i keep explaining to him, or trying to, that i didn't make that, but he does not believe me.

thanksgiving commentary

from tastytrade " your duck confeit (which is not duck with feet!) looks like a crime scene "



i rewrote this song - get that thing, miss ana-zubba....


its so exciting here

we have this - Residents may also call the Leaf Hotline at 313-943-2444


dog walk

1/3 dog walk.

credit cards with breathelyzers

"Your phone, iPad and computers should all come with a pop-up that asks “Are you sure you need more of __________, go count what you have…we will wait”.


swam 40

bad knee is letting me know i need to do more free style, less breaststroke

who writes this shit

"This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water. We're closely coordinated with the territorial and local governments, which are totally and unfortunately unable to handle this catastrophic crisis on their own, just totally unable to. The police and truck drivers are very substantially gone, they're taking care of their families and largely unable to get involved, largely unable to help," he said.

big water? ocean water? how did this man graduate from 3rd grade???