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handling it in stride

no one can believe some idiots stole two bags of magazines, from my car, tuesday night. yesterday, we were coming up with the possible suspects:

a rival yacht club (sailing magazines)
a gay fashion designer (french vogue)
the commerce department (the REALLY old economists)


worm diaries

fed them again. they are doing well, with one bin almost full of food, next one up is waiting for them, with shredded paper. when the first one is full, i'll start the next one . they only have to live until the last frost, then i can toss them back to their big bins, which are also breaking down nicely, even in the winter and even with them not helping.


looks like crap but I put weather stripping tape on the outside, covering the huge hole in the glass and the plastic stuff over the window in the inside. looks terrible but it's only for 5-10 business days until the whole replacement sash comes.

worm diaries

harvested the first bin of compost today. takes a while if you don't want to manually pull every worm out and toss them to the next bin but got a good pound of deep black compost.

cool rebates

getting $35 from ebates for mostly, Christmas shopping and more from Ibotta. cool.

worm diaries

checked on them yesterday. there are baby worms, which is good, but i need to clean out the bins. i think one of them is too wet or too something because there doesn't seem to be much activity in it. but they are wiggling and giggling in their winter condo. they got the last of the tomatoes and hot peppers, from the garden, since d let them rot in the fridge.


30 lengths. no one around with the roads being crap