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wow, that was tough

watching chopped and it's "firefighter chefs". one of the is from nyc, house 160 and at 9/11, they sent 11 firefighters. none returned. they have a sign in the firehouse "eleven now in heaven"

wow. that was brutal

refurbished tank?

Customer Return - New, Unworn in original packaging

(for an under armor tank top from "outside" sellers on amazon). that's a new one to me!

today's grumpy cat

you may not have lost all your marbles but there's certain a hole in the bag"


dog walk

1/2 dog walk. that's good

more spam

CHASE <lou@stingraychevrolet.com>

Sep 10 at 9:25 AM

This message contains blocked images.Show images
Chase_Logo Chase_Logo


You sent a payment of $2,833.28 to ALEXANDER ANDERSON.

For details of a recent payment made to you, please see the attached payment remittance advice.

View your transaction confirmation here.

Thank you for choosing CHASE.


might have believed it had Chase not closed, on their own choice, 4 credit cards which were never overdue.



"To confirm the authenticity of messages from us, always look for this Security Checkpoint. You last signed in to Online Banking on 10/09/2018."

this is from "bank of america". and today's date is 9/10/18. now i'm impatient but i'm not a month ahead impatient.


macy's, wsj, and Laithwaites Wine are all the same.

swam, amazon makes me laug

swam 30 25 meters, yesterday, at dyc
amazon pricing makes me laugh - 1 bottle of hairspray - $10. 3 count, not available.

funny road signs

from today's wsj:

you're not a firework, don't drive lit
seatbelt sings: don't you forget about me
hit the road jack and don't you text back no more no more no more
spend money on lobstahs, not speeding tickets (that was maine)
get your head out of your apps
camp in the mountains, not the left lane
driving basted is for turkeys
protect your dad bod, buckle up
santa's coming, have you been a good driver?
have some class, stay off my bumper
did you run out of blinker fluid?
deck the halls, not the guy who cut you off
who ya gonna call? nobody, you're driving
you're not a tree, don't stay rooted in the left lane

dog walk

baby, having none of it, zorn, around the block