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1.25 mile dog walk

and the baby tripped me

1.25 mile dog walk

not dead yet. actually feeling great.

billy talent

"if i'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain"
"raise your voice like a weapon until they fall to the ground"

1/5 dog walk

baby would only do the two long blocks, one over, two long and one short, back.

today's life lessons

do not trust michigan weather forecasts until day before
if you're using a dry on face mask, don't let it fully dry. you will rub off your skin, getting it off.

having cats

guess whose puke that is, on those blankets? ugh!

314-474-9055 is a scam

just called me to tell me they were from the irs, there were significant claims against me, and I'd be arrested if i didn't call them back.

capital one

since they decided i'm not credit worthy to get a second card from them, i cancelled the one i had from them.

chase, still sucking

"We sent you the enclosed letter dated January 18, 2018, advising that your account was closed because the following information was in your credit bureau reporting file: • Number of accounts currently in use • Number of credit card accounts • Too many requests for credit or reviews of credit "