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nothing really to say

"what you see is what you lost. if i were you, i wouldn't try. get real. get another." SOM vision thing

good service bad service

good service - walmart.com. "hey, i placed these two orders, i don't need this item that i ordered on both, after all, can i cancel?"
"yeah sure! still free shipping (and the other is a pickup). all good?"

bad service - carols daughter. "hey i placed an order 5 minutes ago and i need to change the address it's going to" "we can't in our system. you have to wait until you get the UPS tracking number and change it with them." "but it hasn't shipped" "nothing we can do" . Now this is a L'oreal company, it's not the original tiny company it originally was, it's part of a multi billion dollar cosmetic company. They can't change a shipping address but walmart can cancel part of two orders, from days ago, with no muss and no fuss?

VNV nation

Victory not Vengeance

(have to remember that to keep my head)

dog walk

.47 of a mile. not bad

from #badboys 4

"we're black but we're also cops so we'll pull ourselves over later"

weird job choice

why ever would you be a weather reporter on the weather channel? just saw some doodle getting pummled by waves, his microphone kept cutting out, and he's almost horizontal in the winds.

1/2 dog walk

the weird thing is when zubbah is fighting me, going to the house. but yeah, 1/2 dog walk . i think it's just over a mile.

today's #tastytrade

"this food is a hate crime"