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dogs, tuesday

.75 miles, probably . zubbah was being a pill and zorn was tired.

wagner note from the chamber of commerce

Thanks for the input, I thought as the president of the chamber, I'd reply and fill you in ahead of time! This is very exciting stuff! Ford employees will work on floors 2 & 3, some of the 4th floor will be event space, and the first floor will be retail. Actually there is a new deck that is built and Ford employees will be on just 2 floors of it.....The Farmers Market is moving to West Village Commons and we'll use the decks behind that plaza besides the free parking behind Buffalo Wild Wings across the street. Green space behind Wagner Place will be open and communal hosting concerts and perhaps a Friday night Farmers Market. We also have 40+ new lofts being built above Moose's Martini with marble and hard wood floors. Cisco is going to present a variety of infrastructure plans that will improve our area even further. Come on out, it will be a great peek into the future!

On the east side of town, Art Space is fully occupied (with 53 units being studios to 3 bedroom & 3 bathroom) and this fall a new Dearborn Town Center Senior Housing will open right across the street with more than 100 units. The future is moving to folks living downtown like my grandmother did and walking to work (at Hudson's). Our wonderful neighborhoods still support a great spacious feel, with the access to new shopping and entertainment on the way.

I've copied J our Downtown Dearborn Events manager and Farmers Market manager too for questions. We have exciting new vendors for produce this year, see you on June 1st!

I hope you can join us!
Have a good day,"

(the parking deck - 374 spot, 600+ ford people moving to wagner. and then all this other stuff. )

detroit schools

new westworld

this makes me happy, esp the version of the song "heart shaped box":


but now, i need to rewatch all of the first season. and i'm still behind on mr robot. where do people find the time to watch all this tv? oh yeah, not journalling.

day 1 with the wormies

they seem fine, clumped in little groups in the penthouse of their condo.

cat yoga

yes, this is a thing

Cat Yoga at Tiny Lions (Ann Arbor)
Monday, April 23rd | 5-6pm
More information + RSVP: bit.ly/YESCatYoga

the daily dose and spam calls

"I'd want a machete with me because you can't kill a cobra with your shoes" - TS

(spit. that was from today's daily dose on tastytrade.com)

in news of the weird, i've been getting a bunch of linked in requests, from guys in brazil. i accepted a few then deleted them and then deleted all of the connections and the emails. weird. got a call today, with a mechanical voice, wanting to "confirm the security of my att code". i don't even know what it is, and i'm certainly not giving it to some voice. and the realtor was attacked, or at least his email was and i got two notes from "him" which looked legit since he had sent documents, when we were buying the house, as you do, but obviously, he'd have no reason to send me anything now.

1.25 mile dog walk

and the baby tripped me

1.25 mile dog walk

not dead yet. actually feeling great.