stuff not to spend money on

since i never did get a blog on this, i'll repost it as i add to it/feel like it:

Stuff Not to spend money on (1/22/2020)

Aveda wedding masque or wedding eye cream. Doesn’t do anything
Burts bees peppermint body wash
Aveda color conditioner
Any of the lancome serums but visonaire
Garnier putty. Just use the carol’s daughter, just need it in a better container
Aveda rosemary mint lotion. Or the wash since rain bath is cheaper
MarioB hand lotion and face lotion. Super collagen mask
Lancome eye silver stuff,bienefit day or night lotions, rose jelly night mask, bienefit oil. Shit is shit in a wind storm!
Costco/starbucks coffee
Aveda clay mask
Estee lauder night eye cream
Loccinane any hand cream except 25% shea, immortal face serum
Splash finca la pintada cava
Eucrein redness relief night cream
Fresh - night brightening mask
pca peptid serum
Vichy aquilia. Not good enough for winter and too expensive for summer. Vichy liftactiv serum for winter
Kiehl midnight recovery serum,kiehl cleansing oil, powerful wrinkle eye cream
Dove hair conditioner - worst packaging to get anything out
Clarins double serum - too much work before coffee, clairns face lotion, doesn’t last all day
Clinque eye cream

perky pet

funny email:

Hello Becki,

Thanks for giving us a chirp! We're sorry to hear about this, currently, we do not have replacement parts for this feeder so replacement order #811578 has been loaded up onto our carrier pigeons. The new feeder should arrive in 3-5 business days.

Please feel free to wing our way with any questions, we're happy to help!

walk #1

that was miserable. even people who shoveled, snow chunks fell from trees to the sidewalk and the school let out, just now, for unknown reasons, so tons of cars and kids and i was walking in the street. grr.

tastytrade this morning

"What, you know what it was like to be black in the 70's?"
"Hey, I almost took Swahilli"

(viewer writes in) "i just came into a decent about of money.."
"Why, HELLO!"

throwing shade, from my mac

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cost of grapes

i could not believe that black grapes cost more, per pound, that a whole chicken!

and i just paid .50 too much, doing walmart grocery pick up, instead of going to kroger. spent $10 just on grapes!